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Who is Faruk Emre?

"I am one of those who live life with passion, wherever the excitement is, I am there... The music band I tried to form as a child played a huge role in my self-discovery. It revealed the passion in me, my love of adrenaline, my emotional sides, my value judgments, and made me aware of myself in many matters. And life , whispered softly into my ear that I would be alone on this long road I would walk. Even though it seems cruel, I am grateful for life.

I started my first stage performances in Ankara in 2000 and never stopped. I always followed my wishes and dreams, I never gave up. While doing these, I did not take anything for granted, I said "if you are doing something, do it in the best way possible" and started the training process. In 2005, I completed my Turkish Music education at Haliç University Conservatory with masters. I discovered dance with Bahadır Efe, acting with Haldun Dormen and Başay Okay... My first TV series experience was the series "There is Death in Our Love", which had a wonderful cast... I said "I should definitely swallow the dust of the theater stage" and acted in two musical plays performed in state theaters for 4 years. I bought. After the feature film "Partner", I continued with the TV series "Dinle Sevgi", "Kanıt", "Fatih Harbiye". Meanwhile, my lyrics and compositions had increased in number, I was ready to share them, and Berkan Kaya appeared. We became good friends and combined our musical knowledge. In 2012, my first album called "Haydi Dans", consisting of 10 songs, was released in music markets. In 2013, we released my single "Sevdim", whose lyrics and music belong to me. I sometimes resented and sometimes made peace with the music industry and took a break until 2018. I knew it would be difficult, but I didn't expect it this much. My new single "Tut Çek" was a very special team effort from a to z. 2018 was a year full of stage and music for me. The fallow period had come again and this time I wanted to make my own music and manage the whole process myself. In fact, I came to such a point that I wanted to touch as many people as I could so that others would not experience the difficulties I experienced. In January 2023, I founded my production company, which I named Mila Music Company, and continued to move rapidly towards my ideals. My single "Giderim", with lyrics and music by Tarık Giriş and arrangement by Nurettin Çolak, was released in March and was very well received. "I'll go" was my lucky charm. We also published the versions in a short time. We started living in the studio and producing constantly, and Tarık came up with the song "Nazarsız Sevdam" for me at that time. We said, "Let the fire of love burn me," no problem, and we completed the arrangement with Nurettin and published it on June 30. During this period, I undertook the production and producing of the rap music style projects of "Sabote X Yakaza", whose talent I believed in. We released their single "Cavlıyo" on July 28 and "Cash" on September 22. We released the singles "Pırlanta" on November 3 and "An" on December 8.

Coming back to me again, I think I have entered a period where I consider myself lucky. I came across a talented man, Tuğberk Işık, and he thought that his song "İlk Defa", written by him and composed by Talhacan Karakaş, would suit me very well. He wanted me to try it. After reading the pilot and trying out the song, we really improved as a team. Again, after Nurettin Çolak, one of the indispensable members of my team, arranged it and Utku Ünsal did the mixing and mastering, it took its place on all digital platforms on October 20. While we were making video clips of my songs that I released in 2023, our dear Buğra Karaçam was with us in the director's chair for all of them. I will continue to produce and share constantly, this time without any breaks. 

I would like to thank everyone who touched my life in any way, positive or negative.

Management and Communication

EA Entertainment

Erhan AKÇAL 


+90 532 313 73 06

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