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Faruk Emre

I am one of those who live life passionately, where is the excitement there? The music group I tried to form as a child played a huge role in my self-discovery. It brought out the passion within me, my love of adrenaline, my emotional sides, my value judgments, and made me aware of myself in many matters. And life whispered softly into my ear that I would be alone on this long road that I would walk. Even though it seems cruel, I am grateful to life.
I started my first stage performances in Ankara in 2000 and never stopped. I always followed my wishes and dreams, I never gave up. While doing these, I did not take anything for granted, I said "if you are doing something, do it in the best way possible" and started the training process. In 2005, I completed my Turkish Music education at Haliç University Conservatory with masters. I discovered dance with Bahadır Efe, acting with Haldun Dormen and Başay Okay... My first TV series experience was the TV series "There is Death in Our Love" with its amazing cast...  I can't stop myself from laughing when I watch my acting, but as I said, it's my first project :) I took part in two musical plays performed in state theaters for 4 years, saying "I should definitely swallow the dust of the theater stage". After the feature film "Partner", I continued with the TV series "Dinle Beloved", "Kanıt", "Fatih Harbiye". Meanwhile, my lyrics and compositions had increased, I was ready to share them, and I came across Berkan Kaya, we became good friends, and we combined our musical knowledge. In 2012, my first album called "Haydi Dans", consisting of 10 songs, was released in music markets. In 2013, we released my single "Sevdim", whose lyrics and music belong to me. The next 4 years were spent on stage and with music. And I'm here again with "Tut Çek". Tut Çek is a very special team work from a to z... İpek İyier, Tolga Kılıç, Levent Lodos, Utku Ünsal, Emre Kıral, İdil Dizdar, Said Dağdeviren, Fethi Karaduman, Berkcan Oktar...
I would like to thank everyone who touched my life in any way, positive or negative...

Who is Faruk Emre?
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